Idris Elba's Daughter Is 'Grossed Out' By His Sexiest Man Alive Title

Let's be real, no one wants to think of their dad as being sexy.

So we can imagine for Idris Elba's 17-year-old daughter Isan, things may have been pretty awks for her when her famous dad nabbed the title of PEOPLE's 'Sexiest Man Alive' for 2018. 

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Speaking to PEOPLE about the star being crowned the hottest in Hollywood, Isan spoke out about how bizarre the sitch was for her, considering “even the school teachers were talking about it.”

“It was quite uncomfortable,” she said. “I was looking forward to seeing who it was this year, probably Michael B. Jordan or something like that but no, it was my dad.”

“It’s definitely a topic around school, so I’m the one being teased about it,” she said, adding, “It’s a joking kind of way, but it gets awkward sometimes.”

As she flipped through the iconic issue featuring the Luther star, she jokingly accused the 46-year-old of being "a poser."

"And he says I’m the one who does the poses but this is pretty dramatic, I’d say,” she said in reference to a photo of her father in the mag, adding that she's adjusting to her pa's new title, adding, "but inside I’m grossed out.”

Idris isn't the only member of the Elba fam to take on an impressive accolade -- Isan herself was named the 2019 Golden Globes Ambassador by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which is airing in the US on Sunday.

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“I’ve always been a lover TV and movies and I dream to be in the industry one day,” she said while thanking her father and mother, Kim Elba, during her speech. “I’m really honoured to have this position and be able to talk about things that, issues that I care about such as mental health, expression among African Americans, and my peers in particular. There’s a perceived stigma and I’ve seen my friends struggle with it.”

At the ceremony, she was also surprised with a video made by her actor dad, who said, “Not only am I one of your favorite actors, I’m also a proud, proud father of this year’s new Golden Globe Ambassador -- my beautiful daughter Isan,” Elba said. “Hey Issie, I know you’re probably cringing right now.”

Too cute!

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