A Petition Is Going Viral For Stevie Nicks To Do A Shift At Fleetwood McDonalds

Fleetwood Mac(cas).

An online campaign has had a Landslide of online fans and -- if you're a Stevie Nicks fan -- it's probably the petition of your dreams.

A Facebook page called Be Reet has set up a campaign for Nicks to work a shift at a McDonalds in Fleetwood.

They want her to work at a Fleetwood Mac(cas).

So far, more than 2,500 have clicked "attending" to see the Fleetwood Mac singer behind the counter at the Lancaster Maccas, serving fries, serving sweet little fries.

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On top of that, another 16,000 have noted that they're "interested" in Nicks working at "The Chain".

The Be Reet Facebook had similar success last year when they created a similar event demanding Nirvana reunite with Nickleback's Chad Kroeger as the frontman.

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While the Nirvanaback mash-up didn't eventuate, we're really, really hoping Nicks does make our "Dreams" come true.

The Be Reet event has been scheduled for September, but Nicks is actually touring the UK a little earlier this year, doing shows with Fleetwood Mac in Ireland and London in June.

Featured image: Getty Images.