New Year Same Ye: Your Favourite Trump Supporter Is Still At It In 2019

Here we go again.

Well, we barely made it 24 hours into 2019 before the engines of the "same s**t" machine began whirring and spraying us down with some more gorgeous garbage.

The King of Twitter smashed that 000000 passcode and logged on to share more words of wisdom like "If I got any cooler I would freeze to death".

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So far, it looks like the recording artist won't be retiring any of his conservative views in 2019. In fact, it seems Ye is not only still a fan of Trump, but will be doubling down on his support.

Beginning his new year's spray with "Trump all day", he began littering his tweets with dragon emojis -- a reference to last April where he referred to sharing "dragon energy" with the US President.

Claiming that he was announcing his increased support for Trump "so in 2019 you know where I stand", the recording artist also went on about mind control and his favourite hat.

This all comes just hours after his most recent Twitter tirade where he re-ignited his feud with Drake where we maybe got the best petty tweets of all time:

New Year Same Ye: Your Favourite Trump Supporter Is Still At It In 2019
Image: Twitter @KanyeWest.

In 2019 our personal motto is absolutely "This person is not Drskes friend".

Anyway, to cap off this truly terrible series of tweets, West once again reaffirmed his decision to run for office in 2024.

(You might remember he initially wanted to run in 2020 but adjusted that to allow Trump to serve out a second term! Nightmares are real and we can't escape them!)

Featued image: Twitter @KanyeWest / Getty Images.