Justin Bieber And JoJo Siwa Are Feuding And I Am Too Old For This Sh*t

If you thought 2018 was going to end without one more iconic celebrity feud, you were right!

Yes, Justin and JoJo are clashing for some reason and I yearn for the day my elderly bones turn to dust. Here's what you need(?) to know.

West Coast Customs, a car customisation company, recently posted an image of the convertible they decked out for Our Lady of Bows and tight high-ponytails, JoJo Siwa.

Siwa -- if you don't know -- is a 5'9" 15-year-old who appeared on the reality series Dance Moms before launching an empire of YouTube, bright colourful merch and songs about loving life and being kind to things.

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Her West Coast Customs convertible looks, appropriately, like if Rainbow Brite was filled with dynamite and strapped to the front of a convertible.

"That is an ugly car," you might say to yourself, before moving on with your day, but you are not Justin Bieber.

Bieber -- if you don't know -- is a 5'9" 24-year-old famous for his music career, his recent wedding to Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) and that time he urinated into a bucket while saying "F**k Bill Clinton".

Justin Bieber hated JoJo Siwa's car so much he could not move on with his day and was forced to comment the following:

Justin Bieber And Jojo Siwa Are Feuding And I Am Too Old For This Sh*t
Justin Bieber is furious at JoJo Siwa's car. Image: Instagram.

"Burn it," Bieber wrote.

I -- if you don't know -- have written many letters to the witch who cursed me with immortality to lift this burden, to end the suffering of knowing exactly how tall JoJo Siwa is but she has not responded. Perhaps she is illiterate.

You know who isn't illiterate? JoJo Siwa.

Siwa obviously saw Bieber's very rude comment about her car, that potentially comes with an epilepsy warning. Rather than insulting Bieber for his many, many public embarrassments, Siwa decided to reclaim the phrase.

She even began to use the phrase as a way to respond to other major controversies like the many, many people (check amongst yourselves!) who were furious that she sang Queen at karaoke.

Following Siwa's responses to Bieber's comments on a photo of a technicolour car.

"I have nothing against you," the one-time Grammy Award winner tweeted Siwa, explaining that he just didn't like the car or the colours.

Bieber was not demanding Siwa herself be burned as some kind of offering, he merely hated the car and the colours.

Siwa only needed two words to respond to Bieber.

So there you are. I am a 6,000-year-old witch whose body looks more like Baba Yaga's house than the witch herself and I have thrilled you with this, the story of Justin Bieber and JoJo Siwa feuding over a car that looks like the inside of a unicorn corpse.

May 2019 bring us even more thrilling tales like the above.

And if not?

Burn it.

Featured image: Instagram @itsjojosiwa.