Cardi B 'Sickened' By Australian Paparazzo: 'I Just Wanna Go Home'

After landing in Sydney, Cardi B wasn't in the mood to have her photo taken, and covered her face as paparazzi tried to snap a pic of the rapper's arrival in Australia.

It's fair enough -- anyone who's done a long-haul flight knows that by the time you land, you basically feel like a filthy, germ-ridden gremlin, and less like the cute-AF legend you can be after a good night's sleep and a night face mask, right?

Well, apparently the Aussie paps and fans weren't feeling so empathetic as they hounded Cardi for photos.

After one woman was told by Cardi's entourage that she couldn't get a photo with the star, she yelled "No wonder your husband left you!", referencing Cardi's highly public split from rapper Offset.

The insult angered Cardi's publicist Patience, who then replied: "Bitch, I'll smack the s**t out of you", adding "WATCH YOUR MOUTH! WATCH YOUR MOUTH! WATCH YOUR MOUTH!" as the woman retreated.

Meanwhile, a paparazzo -- irritated by Cardi's decision to not allow photos to be taken -- told the rapper and her crew that they were "in Sydney now, mate".

"You're in Australia," he said. "Mate, it's our rules, not yours, buddy. Our rules, not yours. Be clear on that."

As they continued through the airport, he continued: "What's going on with the blanket, Cardi? You got an identity crisis or something?"

Telling Cardi to "give the fans a picture", Patience responded: "She doesn't want to give you a picture!"

"Yeah, pretty clear," the pap replied. "Why come to Australia on a promo tour, then?"

Later, on Instagram Live, Cardi addressed the incident, saying although she "got" why the paparazzi were "all in [her] face", she was upset with the photographer who told her and her entourage that they were playing by his rules.

"What didn't sit well with me was this man telling me 'you in Australia now... this is our rules, you playin' by our rules. It don't sit well with me when a white man tells me that shit," she said.

Addressing the interaction between the fan who asked for a photo and her publicist's reaction, Cardi said that the woman "acted like she was so scared, like a victim" after Patience "got in her face".

"It's like, that's the type of s**t that people be doin', and then... we be lookin' like f**kin' animals, bro, because people provoke you and say crazy things, but 'oh my gosh, it's the victim!'" she said, adding: "People wanna act like they're [the] victim but they say foul s**t."

Circling back around to the paparazzo, Cardi said the incident with the fan didn't "bother" her as much as he did.

"It's like 'what is your rules? What are you talking about? Like, my n***a, do I look like a little f**king slave to you? ... That's how y'all see people? That's how you see coloured people, or something, that you say s**t like that? That s**t got me so. F**king. Mad. That s**t don't sit well with me. It just made me think like, I just wanna go home," she concluded.

Cardi is in Australia to headline Perth's Origin Fields festival, WA's biggest, two-day music festival, and Sydney's Field Day tomorrow at The Domain.

Feature image: Getty Images