Australia's Most Loved Instagram Of 2018 Was Obviously A Hemsworth

Chris decided to celebrate by showing followers what a regular day in his life looks like. #NoFilter.

It must be tough to be Chris Hemsworth. Not only is he insufferably difficult to look at but he also seems like a bad person, right?

Okay, just kidding. Chris Hemsworth is like if the dictionary definition of "handsome" was granted a human form for a day and spent it doing community service.

While Chris was busy fighting Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, doing shots off a ski at brother Liam's recent wedding and starring in the upcoming Men in Black reboot, he also had a pretty good year online.

According to Instagram Chris was the most loved Aussie on the photo-sharing platform in 2018.

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Their official ranking went:

  1. Chris Hemsworth
  2. Hugh Jackman
  3. Margot Robbie
  4. Ruby Rose
  5. Miranda Kerr

Chris also scored the most-loved Aussie post with this snap:

To celebrate winning Instagram for the year, Chris partnered with Instagram to create an exclusive IGTV look at a day-in-the-life of Thor himself as he chilled out in Byron.

Truly the comparison of Chris Hemsworth's regular day versus us is startling. Like why isn't there a shot of him just scrolling through Netflix for 46 minutes looking for something to watch before he inevitably watches The Good Place for the 18th time.

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Chris Hemsworth has the unburdened smile of a man who has never cried into a Pad Thai and that makes him untrustworthy.

His day included hanging at the beach, having a BBQ, working out, doing handstands and hanging with his friends and family. It looks stunning TBH.

Chris Hemsworth Celebrates Being Australia's Most Loved Insta In 2018 With A Day In Byron
No big deal but when we go to the beach we take three Calippos and a box of BBQ Shapes but go off with your radishes and octopus. Image: Supplied.

"I'm excited to bring you a little closer into my world today, from swimming the beaches of my hometown in Byron Bay, to the workouts that help keep me centred," Chris said adding, "Instagram has provided me an opportunity to connect with my amazing fans and I can't wait to show them some of the things that make me happiest."

You can check out more of Chris' IGTV adventure on his Insta account @ChrisHemsworth or at the official @Instagram to see his IGTV adventures.

Feature image: Supplied.