Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth May Have Just Tied The Knot

Young lovers Miley Cyrus, 26, and Aussie Liam Hemsworth may have finally made it official by saying 'I do' -- that's if recently released pics are anything to go by.

In the snaps shared on Instagram on December 23 by the celeb couples' friend Conrad Jack Carr, the actor and singer are shown dressed to the nines -- Liam in a black suit and white shirt, Miley in a cream off-the-shoulder dress -- in front of what appears to be a wedding cake.

The pair are pictured inside their home in Franklin, Tennessee, holding a knife as if about to slice the two-tier white cake, while Miley's mum Tish Cyrus stands in the background.

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In another happy snap, the supposed groom, 28, is seen doing a 'shotski' -- that's taking a shot off a ski -- with his famous actor brothers Chris and Luke Hemsworth.

Pink balloons in the shape of 'Mr' and 'Mrs' float in the background of Carr's pics, adding fuel to the 'just married' fire.

Miley's younger sister Noah, 18, took to her Insta stories to share a polaroid of Carr and herself -- supposedly taken at the celebration -- with said balloons bobbing behind them.

Image: Instagram/@noahcyrus.

The internet has of course gone into meltdown, with fans of the couple -- who got together after meeting on the set of their film The Last Song in 2010 -- thrilled with the news.

But -- and there are a few 'buts' here -- things might not be as they seem. The duo may not be married at all.

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According to People, reps for both Miley and Liam have yet to comment on their 'nuptials', and their respective social media accounts are decidedly wedding-less.

Perhaps the get-together was simply a rehearsal for the couples' impending big day? That might explain why 'mother of the bride' Tish was super-casual in jeans and a black sweater, as was sis Noah.

Who can tell, really, as the pair -- who got engaged in 2012 only to break up a year later -- have recently undergone a huge life change.

Their home in Malibu was destroyed in the recent California wildfires and while luckily neither they nor their animals were injured, it may have spurred on their walk down the aisle, so to speak.

Only time will tell if these crazy kids did, in fact, say 'I do,' and we'll most certainly be keeping our eye out.

Feature image: Getty.