Demi Lovato Is 'Happy, Clean And Grateful' Six Months After Reported Overdose

Demi Lovato has written an open letter to her fans on Twitter and hit out at outlets publishing false stories about her recovery.

Lovato wrote on social media that she loves her fans and "hates tabloids", adding that people have been fabricating stories about her to make a quick profit.

"If I feel like the world needs to know something, I will tell them MYSELF," the singer explained. "Otherwise people need to stop writing about my recovery, because it's no one's business but mine. I am sober and grateful to be alive and taking care of ME," she said.

She reminded fans not to believe articles that quote anonymous sources, saying that anyone willing to chat with tabloids and blogs about her recovery isn't part of her life.

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Lovato ended her stream of tweets by thanking her supporters for their part in her recovery process.

"I'm so blessed I get to take this time to be with family, relax, work on my mind body and soul when I'm ready," she wrote.

Lovato reportedly suffered an overdose in July this year and left rehab in November.

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