Busy Philipps' Oprah Phone Finally Rang -- And She Lost It

Busy Philipps just really loves Oprah.

Since the start of Philipps' show Busy Tonight, there has been a phone sitting on the shelf labelled 'Oprah's Phone'.

As the name suggests, it is reserved for the talk show queen only.

And during Thursday night's episode of Busy Tonight, the phone finally rang.

As the phone began to ring, Philipps' screamed "No!" and immediately burst into tears.

Philipps went into ultimate fangirl mode as she realised she was talking to her idol.

"Oh my god, hi Oprah!," she screamed down the phone.

"I'm crying now, and I have a cold but I love you."

"I'm just calling to make sure this dog gone phone works," Oprah told her.

The two chatted about Oprah's favourite day of the year - Harvest Day -- when she picks the fruit and vegetables from her garden.

"I just came in from the garden, beautiful baskets of everything. I have some of the most hugest tangerines I've ever seen," Oprah told Philipps.

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Oprah also congratulated Philipps on her late night show.

"I'm so happy that you're on late night, it's so good to see a woman on late night," she said.

After a quick chat about salads, Philipps said goodbye, before trying to get on with her show -- through a few more tears.

"How do you recover from Oprah calling?"