Megan Mullally Is Deeply Embarrassed By Donald Trump’s Emmys Throwback

Megan Mullally would much rather forget that she ever sang onstage with Donald Trump.

But the current US president will never let us forget that he and Mullally belted out the theme from Green Acres during the 2005 Emmy Awards.

To celebrate the signing of an $867 billion farm bill into law, Trump dug up the old clip and posted it to Twitter.

"Farm bill signing in 15 minutes!" he wrote, adding the hashtags #Emmys, #TBT.

We're not sure how American farmers feel about Trump linking the agriculture aid bill to the time he sang the theme tune from a show about two socialites moving to the country -- but Mullally was definitely not thrilled.

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The Will & Grace actress wrote in response to the president's tweet, making it clear she wished she'd never agreed to the skit 13-years-ago when Trump was merely a property developer who hosted The Apprentice. 

"If you guys need me, I'll be in a hole in the ground," Mullally tweeted, along with three emoji symbolising her death.

And in case anyone missed her denouncement on Twitter, Mullally repeated the message on Instagram, writing "No" under a screenshot of Trump's tweet.

Mullally has previously spoken about her deep regret of the Emmys performance when she appeared as a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2016, just a month after Trump won the presidential election.

The song was part of an American Idol spoof called Emmy Idol where celebrities performed songs from popular TV shows and Mullally was paired with Trump.

Mullally was asked by Colbert if she had anything nice to say about the competition that Trump was determined to win.

“I’m not giving him any points," she said. "Sorry".

Main Image: Getty Images.