The Dankest Memes Of 2018: A Reflection On The Year That Was

Because it's not culturally relevant unless it's received the meme treatment.

What a wild year it's been!

We've been #blessed with the year's most iconic music vid in the form of Ariana Grande's "Thank u, next," we've witnessed another 192867 Azealia Banks feuds, and sadly, we've lost some of this country's greatest treasures (RIP Roger the ripped kangaroo).

And throughout these momentous occasions, we've been guided by the only format we really care about -- memes.

Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane over the past twelve months in reflecting upon the spiciest memes that defined 2018.

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People Who Thank the Bus Driver

A personal favourite, this gem exploded pretty much overnight when a Redditor named zenerations posted a pic to /r/dankmemes featuring two coffins that read "successful people" and "unsuccessful people" and then a fancy Egyptian tomb labeled "People who say thanks to the bus driver when they get off." You can find out more on 2018's most wholesome meme here. 

Image: Reddit

Big Dick Energy

Originating from a tweet referencing Anthony Bourdain, Big Dick Energy (or BDE) is slang for an understated state of confidence without the cockiness. It entered modern vernacular after Ariana Grande seemed to confirm that ex-fiancé Pete Davidson had an above average manhood. It's also important to note that women can also have big dick energy (think Rihanna, Beyonce or Cate Blanchett). You can find 10 daily's definitive guide to BDE here. 

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Image: Twitter

Magpie Swooping Season

Every Australian knows that the ominous window between late August and early October means just one thing: magpie swooping season. Like, there's even a website where people can register the whereabouts of particularly hostile magpies so that others can avoid them. So of course, as with anything that should be taken seriously Down Under, it became a meme. 

Weird Flex But Ok

Urban Dictionary defines the catchphrase as, "Used in reply to something odd or weird that you wouldn't agree with or understand, but go with anyway." Basically, it's when someone boasts about something any normal person wouldn't brag about. 

Thank U, Next

It's the breakup anthem by Ariana Grande that had everyone hitting repeat, which describes the learning experiences from each of her ex-boyfs. Meanwhile, Twitter went wild using the line  "One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain" to describe their own hilarious take on competing love interests.

Pregnant Kylie Jenner

Following the birth of her daughter, Stormi, Kylie Jenner posted a cute pregnancy journey vid to her 'gram. One scene showed the makeup mogul cradling her baby bump with the subtitle, "next thing I knew, I was pregnant.” Shortly after, the internet was off to the races, using the screengrab was immediately used as a thirsty reaction the things that could get us pregnant -- with everything from sexy men to food being the subject of the meme.

Moths And Lamps

After Redditor No_Reason27 posted a picture to /r/creepy of a giant, nefarious-looking moth lurking outside their window, the Internet went wild, photoshopping the moth in various scenarios in which said moth is in search of a lamp.

Intense Eyes Miley

For whatever reason, a snap of a young, brunette Miley Cyrus at the 2008 Grammy Awards started doing the rounds, and people couldn't help but notice the intensity of her star in the red carpet pics. Once again, a meme was born.

Thank You Kanye Very Cool!

Earlier this year, King of controversy Kanye West posted a tweet referring to Donald Trump as his "brother" and the two of them as "dragon energy." Soon after, Trump replied to the tweet, saying "Thank you Kanye, very cool!" and immediately, people began photoshopping the reply into various ridiculous situations.

Squinting Woman

Twitter user @Solo_Kalin tweeted an image after having to strenuously pose for a photo at a baby shower. The image showed her with her hands on her knees and squinting into the distance -- a mood which Twitter users felt was all too relatable.

Surprised Pikachu

An old screenshot from season one, episode 10 of Pokemon the TV show has recently begun doing the rounds after being posted to Reddit's /r/memeeconomy. It's generally used as a reaction image to a seemingly predictable outcome that nevertheless leaves one surprised.

Don't Say It

Anyone can relate to this. The meme refers to a variety of hypothetical situations where the person tweeting knows they shouldn’t say something awkward -- but says it anyway.

They Did Surgery On A Grape

Didn't you hear? They did surgery on a grape.

Image: Youtube/Twitter