Offset Crashed Cardi B's Live Performance To Apologise

Offset isn't giving up on his marriage that easily.

Following Cardi B's announcement that she and her husband Offset would be separating after a year of marriage -- and the bombshells that the Migos rapper had cheated on the 26-year-old -- Offset has tried to win the Bodak Yellow rapper in the most public way imaginable.

As Cardi performed to a massive crowd at Rolling Loud Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend, Offset suddenly appeared on stage with a sign made of 2,000 white and red roses from Venus ET Fleur -- worth $15,000 -- that read, “Take me back Cardi”.

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"I just wanna tell you I'm sorry, bro, in person, in front of the world," Offset told her, as the crowd cheered.

"I love you. Whatever I gotta do to show you that, I'm there."

Cardi, however, looked less than impressed and seemed to talk to her estranged husband briefly before having the gift removed from the stage.

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Following the performance, however, Cardi posted videos to her 'gram, pleading with her fans to stop "bashing" Offset.

"Violating my baby father is not gonna make me feel any better, 'cause at the end of the day, that's still family," she said in one clip. "Unfortunately, we're going through things and you know, it's not private, it became public and I just want things to die down, I just need time so we can see eye to eye. I can't predict the future."

She said in another video, "I see a lot of people bashing me because they're feeling I'm defending my baby father, they're thinking that I'm getting back together with him. I'm not saying that I'm getting back together with him. I just don't like that bashing online thing."

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She went on to reference the situation with Pete Davidson, who posted a worrying note about his mental health to his Instagram before deleting his account over the weekend.

"Just earlier, you just saw how Pete Davidson was talking about how he don't even wanna be on this earth because mad people be coming to him every single day," she said.

She added, "God could give me and bring me the most perfect, glamorous, fabulous man. That perfect, glamorous, fabulous man, that perfect man, is not going to love my child the same way her father loves my child. So I don't like that bulls--t because I know how painful it is, where you have millions of people bashing you every single day. I don't like that and it doesn't make me feel any better, period."

Meanwhile, as the extremely public breakup plays out to the world, fellow celebs including rapper 21 Savage and T.I. have come out urging Cardi to take Offset back -- a move that many have pointed out to be a major double standard.

Yikes. At least there's one thing we can all agree on -- it's one helluva messy sitch.

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