Shakira Has Been Charged With Tax Evasion In Spain

Turns out, Shakira's hips might have been lying to us this whole time.

The Colombian singer has been accused of neglecting to pay €14.5 million (nearly $23 million AUD) in taxes by Spanish authorities, AP reports.

The "Whenever, Wherever" singer reportedly relocated to Barcelona from the Bahamas in 2015 to live with her partner, footballer Gerard Piqué.

However,  prosecutors claim that Shakira was living in Spain full-time between 2012-2014, only taking short trips overseas. They're arguing that she should have been paying tax on her international earnings to Spain instead of the Bahamas -- which has a much lower tax rate.

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AP reports that a magistrate will decide whether there's sufficient evidence to take the singer and UN Goodwill ambassador to trial.

Spanish prosecutors are recommending Shakira's assets be frozen -- or that she pay a bond of about $23 million AUD plus 33 percent.

Shakira was named in The Paradise Papers, a 2017 investigation by an international consortium of journalists into the "secrets of the global elite".

Entertainment industry stars including Bono, Avril Lavigne, Madonna and Justin Timberlake were also mentioned in the report.

The singer's representatives are yet to respond publicly to the charges.

Main Image: Getty Images.