Julia Louis-Dreyfus Opens Up About Sister's Death

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has spoken about her younger sister's unexpected death in a new interview.

Emma Louis-Dreyfus was a social worker before her death in October this year, when she suffered a seizure while camping at the South Yuba River State Park in California.

In a new interview with The New Yorker, Louis-Dreyfus recalled hearing the tragic news about her 44-year-old half-sister just as she was beginning to film episodes the upcoming season of Veep. 

“It was out of the blue,” said Louis-Dreyfus, adding that there was a reason why she hadn't spoken publicly about her sister's death.

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The coroner's report found that Emma had both cocaine and alcohol in her system, which was widely covered in the press because of Louis-Dreyfus' position as a celebrity.

"Given the fact that that heinous s**t came out, I would simply say I’ve kept this under wraps out of reverence for my dearest Emma,” she explained.

"It’s been a very bad period of time.”

Louis-Dreyfus and Emma shared a father, William -- a wealthy French immigrant who saved the family company from collapse, the Louis Dreyfus Group.

Julia's parents separated when she was one and she spent her childhood experiencing two quite different homes.  Her mother and stepfather were comfortably upper-middle class but her father's wealth was astronomical in comparison.

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“The discrepancy was hard, because I was straddling two universes,” Louis-Dreyfus said, adding that she would hide her extravagant Christmas presents from her step-sisters Amy and Laurie.

"To Laurie and to Amy, he was sort of Daddy Warbucks up there. We certainly were not poor people, but by contrast there was a huge chasm.”

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