The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Says He Got 'Fed Up' With Drinking

The guitarist and renowned hedonist -- who turns 75 next week -- says he's pretty much given up alcohol.

Richards has very publicly detailed his use of drugs and alcohol, most notably in his own memoirs, and once described his morning mixture of cocaine and heroin as "the breakfast of champions".

"I used to walk down Oxford Street with a slab of hash as big as a skateboard," he wrote in Life, his autobiography that was released in 2010.

The eternally youthful Richards gave up cocaine following an unsuccessful afternoon foraging for coconuts -- after falling out of a tree in Fiji, he called it quits on the highly addictive drug.

"Due to that -- no more coke," he said of the coconut tree incident which saw him undergo brain surgery.  "Actually, my body tells me when to stop ... the hard way."

But Richards' reason for giving up booze doesn't involve any sort of coconut tree hijinks -- he says he simply got bored of swilling whiskey, wine and beer after all these decades.

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"It’s been about a year now,” Richards told Rolling Stone in a new interview. “I pulled the plug on it. I got fed up with it.”

"It was time to quit," he added.

Richards has previously said that he used to treat his body like a laboratory.

"I used to throw in this chemical and then that one to see what would happen; I was intrigued by that," Richards said in an interview with Men's Journal. "What one would work against another; I've got a bit of alchemist in me that way. But all experiments must come to an end."

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