Cass Thorburn Speaks Out: "I Just Want To Be Able To Move On With My Life"

Cass revealed on Studio 10 this morning that following her highly-publicised break-up with Karl Stefanovic, paparazzi and magazines alike have made her family's life a living hell.

After Stefanovic tied the knot in with 34-year-old Jasmine Yarbrough in a lavish Mexican ceremony on Sunday, mum-of-three Cass has revealed that she and her children have been put through the ringer following the demise of her 21-year marriage with the TODAY host.

Karl Stefanovic and new wife Jasmine Yarbrough. Image: Getty

"After two and a half years, I'm not a news story," she told the panel.

"I'm just a mother divorced from my ex-husband and I'm trying to find my place back in the world and this constant harassment every time my ex-husband is in the news -- which is often, they then come looking for me or looking for my children, or chasing my mother around inher country town in a car -- shes 71. Or they get on an airplanes to follow me when I'm going on holidays... It's not okay."

She also took aim at magazines -- particularly New Idea -- after they published what Thorburn claims to be a fabricated article saying she had "ripped into" her ex-husband to a reporter ahead of his overseas nuptials.

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"I did not do an interview with New Idea," she declared while begging viewers, "I don't think we should be buying the magazines, we shouldn't be buying into the click bait, I don't think that's okay. They try to make out that I'm not a happy person or I'm a bitter ex-wife --  I'm a human being, I'm a mum, my children are happy and I'm happy and that's all that should matter to people."

It's not just the children's book author whose life has been turned upside-down thanks to her former husband's notoriety -- she revealed that the pair's children have also been impacted after being hounded by media.

"It's changed the way my children look at life," she said.

She spoke of one incident in which a paparazzo followed her and her children in a car, forcing her to go around a roundabout twice and drive into an undercover car park as she and her kids froze in the car so that photographers couldn't see them.

"It was like Mission Impossible!" she said, adding, "It makes you scared, it makes you paranoid."

Cassandra also claimed that magazines have published pics from her daughter's private Instagram page.

"This is not okay," she reiterated. "I spoke to her about it last night, she was like, 'How does this happen?'"

She concluded with one final plea to the paps and journos who have incessantly harassed her family: "I just want to be able to move on with my life."

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