Ariana Grande And Her 93-Year-Old Nonna Got Friendship Tattoos

It's not an activity many grandparents would agree to -- but Nonna Grande isn't your average granny.

Marjorie Grande tagged along with her grandkids -- Ariana and Frankie -- and got inked for the very first time by Brooklyn tattoo artist, Mira Mariah.

Of course, Ari documented the whole process on her Instagram stories and Nonna Grande looked extremely relaxed while she got the name "Ciccio" (for her late husband, Francesco) tattooed on her finger.

"I feel fine," Marjorie told her worried grandkids. "I’ve had a little bit more excitement than this," she explained without flinching as she got stabbed by the tattoo needle.

"You don't know what pain is!" Nonna added.

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In solidarity with Nonna Grande, Ari also got inked -- getting a delicately drawn sun and moon on her left hand.

"For the woman of the year," tattoo artist Mira Mariah wrote on Instagram.

And while Ari is definitely in the running for 2018's "Woman Of The Year", we can safely say that Nonna Grande has claimed the title of "Grandmother Of The Year".

She's not a regular nonna, she's a cool nonna.

Main Image: Getty Images.