Hugh Hefner's College Typewriter Fetches Over AU$200,000 At Auction

A red smoking jacket worn by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has fetched $US41,600 ($A56,847) at an auction of the late publisher's possessions in Los Angeles,

Fans and collectors snapped up such items as his college typewriter and the magazine's first issue.

Bidders at the two-day auction included comedian Jim Belushi, who purchased for US$3125 a leather-bound script for a 1977 Saturday Night Live show that Hefner hosted.

The highest grossing item was Hefner's typewriter, which he used to write copy for the magazine's first issue in 1953. It went for $US162,500, while his personal copy of the issue itself, featuring Marylin Monroe, sold for $US31,250.

Hugh Hefner died aged 91 (Image AAP)

Hefner, who helped usher in the 1960s sexual revolution with his magazine and nightclubs, died in September 2017 at 91. He left his property to his foundation, which put some of the items up for sale.

Among the more unusual items was a gold ring with a compartment holding a blue viagra pill, that sold for $US22,400.

Hefner's complete set of bound volumes of the magazine, from 1953 to 2013, sold for $US76,800.

Many items of Hefner's clothing including his smoking jacket sold for tens of thousands of dollars. (Image AAP)

His white captain's hat went for $US19,200. A 1962 letter from future feminist leader Gloria Steinem, who took an undercover job as a playboy bunny at Hefner's New York nightclub and wrote about it for Show magazine, sold for $US22,400.

The proceeds from the weekend auction will go to Hefner's foundation, which was set up in 1964 to advocate for civil liberties, including LGBT rights and the legalisation of medical marijuana, the auction house said.