How Eric Idle 'Almost Ruined' Star Wars

The comedy legend stopped by 'The Project' to wow them with a few incredible stories.

Known as one of the legends from Monty Python, Idle joined the Project panel to promote what he calls his "sortabiography".

The memoir shares its name with the song from The Life of Brian, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", and tracks the comedian's career including performing at the '02 Olympics.

He also shared how he believed he almost ruined Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back after meeting up with some of the cast.

"There was a party in my house," Idle explained, "and Carrie Fisher was staying there and I bought a bottle of wine -- because they were very glum and gloomy and fed-up."

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After pouring some of the Star Wars cast a glass of wine or two, to Idle's surprise, "All of the Rolling Stones arrived at the door, and I pretended this happened all the time!"

Idle said when he saw Empire he noticed a few scenes where some of the cast looked a little... giddy. That might have something to do with the party wrapping up at 6am when the cars came to pick them up.

"Harrison Ford is giggling and laughing!" Idle said.

Check out the full chat above, and Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life is out now.

Featured image: Network Ten / Lucasfilm.