Pete Davidson Dragged As He Returns To Instagram, Scooter Braun Claps Back

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Would it be a day ending in 'y' if there wasn't some update to the exhausting saga that is Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson?

No, no it wouldn't.

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So in today's episode of  #Grandson, we bring you the news that despite the pair breaking off their whirlwind engagement over a month ago, Ariana's fans aren't ready to let go of dragging Pete to hell and back at every opportunity.

And now that he's made a grande return to Instagram, Arianators are having a field day.

While Davidson has had a bit of a rough time post-breakup, his post today was in celebration of the fact that a film he's in, called Big Time Adolescence was selected for the 2019 Film Festival in January.

Posting a set of stills from the flick with the caption “see you at Sundance muthf**kas,” Ari fans immediately went in for the kill.

While a bunch of comments taunted the 24-year-old with the title of Ari's latest hit 'thank u, next', others said things like "idiot," "ur cancelled" and “Oh shoot I still follow you? oops yikesss.”

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It seems that Ariana's manager, Scooter Braun, had had enough of the taunts, and came in the defend his client's ex, saying,  “Stop the bullsh*t. It’s nothing like that and Pete is a good dude. No one has hate for this guy and he’s a stand-up guy. Show respect because trust me everyone on this side knows he deserves it and wishes him well.”

Image: Instagram

How nice!

At least there were some kinder comments among the mix, with some fans writing “I’m happy u doing good after all of that, i know u will find someone who loves u the same way u do, stay strong @petedavidson,” While another told him “You’re the best bruh.”

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