Natalie Portman Shows True Colours, Surprises Demons Training Session

A Swan infiltrated a Demons training session on Wednesday morning.

Movie star Natalie Portman brought a touch of Hollywood glamour to Melbourne on Wednesday, surprising fans and players at a Demons training session.

The Black Swan star donned the Melbourne FC colours as she watched the players go through their paces, before getting her hands on a Sherrin, delighting fans at Gosch’s Paddock.

The Oscar winner also posed for some happy snaps with coach Simon Goodwin.

Portman was in Melbourne this week ahead of her expected attendance at the National Gallery of Victoria's gala on Saturday night. 

Source: Getty Images

The Melbourne club also got behind the action sharing a cheeky video after the Thor star's visit.

"It is an exciting time to be at Melbourne, as word spreads around the Galaxy Padmé Amidala visits Gosch's paddock," the video said, referencing her role in the Star Wars franchise.

Featured Image: Getty