Kevin Smith Reckons He Knows Why Ben Affleck Stopped Talking To Him

Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith formed a tight bond after they filmed '90s classic 'Mallrats' together.

And while they went on to collaborate on cult films including Chasing Amy, Dogma, Clerks II and Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back -- it seems the famous pair's friendship has soured over the past few years.

Smith wrote on Twitter today that he has a pretty good idea why they're no longer bonding over the world's most useful communications tool.

A fan tagged Smith in a tweet, wondering aloud about "what really happened" between the actors" that "made them not talk to each other".

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Smith replied: "If I had to guess? It's because one of us has a big mouth and told too many candid stories that sometimes weren't his to tell, and the other one is Ben."

Which makes perfect sense if you remember the goss Smith shared last year about Affleck's kissing scene with Jason Lee in Chasing Amy. 

The director casually mentioned that Ben was not thrilled about locking lips with Lee and that he remarked, “A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face.”

Smith didn't exactly make it clear that this all happened in 1997, and Affleck felt the full force of the internet slamming the comment as homophobic.

An old video of Ben talking about the scene also surfaced in which he said: “I’m not homophobic…I guess I am, more than I thought, in that, you know, it was just difficult for me, and I didn’t think it would be," of the kissing scene.

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Smith noted earlier this year that Affleck did not reach out to him after he suffered a heart attack in February, but said it was understandable.

"So if you’re Ben Affleck, the only time you probably see my name is in relation to how I make your life harder in some way," he told The Daily Beast.

Makes sense, but it seems Smith is probably never going to stop talking about his former BFF.

Main Image: Getty Images.