Hailey Got A Mrs Bieber Jersey, Is Slowly Writing Her New Name On Everything

Hailey and Justin recently tied the knot and have now crossed over into dangerous territory -- matching couples outfits.

The newlyweds were spotted at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game over the weekend, sporting jerseys that read 'Mr Bieber' and 'Mrs Bieber'.

It might *seem* cute at first, but we have a feeling the embroidery is not going to stop there.

The personalised marriage jerseys are the beginning of a slippery slope that ends in matching Christmas outfits, 'Live, Love, Laugh' framed posters and a joint Facebook page.

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Hailey Bieber -- née Baldwin, in case you forgot -- also celebrated her birthday this week with a diamond encrusted 'Bieber' necklace, which she showed off on her Instagram stories.

Hailey's Instagram was the first place she ditched the Baldwin in favour of Bieber -- which had everyone truly quaking.

And while there are plenty of reasons that Hailey should be proud to change her name (being a Justin stan for over a decade, being related to Alec Baldwin), some fans have pointed out that she's not the real mastermind behind all this personalised apparel and jewellery.

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