Jameela Jamil Wants Celebrities To Sh*t Their Pants In Public

THIS is the bad place.

Jameela Jamil, star of The Good Place, has always been pretty outspoken -- especially when it comes to beauty standards and body shaming, and now she's taken a ... slightly different approach.

After seeing Cardi B shilling diet teas on her Instagrams, Jamil was fed up and decided that she was ready to see the celebs who promote these products... well... s**t their pants in public.

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Diet teas are a common product that many celebs like the Kardashians promote on their social media, and this isn't the first time Jamil has hit out at the products.

In November she posted a statement to her Twitter asking her followers to unfollow any celebrities promoting products from the company Flat Tummy Co after Khloe Kardashian posted sponsored content featuring the brand.

"They make you shit," she wrote in the statement, "They give you diarrhea, which then gives you a flatter tummy for a day. THAT'S ALL."

"Tying your worth to your weight or the flatness of your tummy is empty and a waste of your brilliant mind!" The actor continued, "Please look at the bigger picture and love yourself."

This isn't the first time Jamil has hit out at the Kardashian klan for their sponsorship of weightloss products. In May, Kim Kardashian West was flouting lollipops by Flat Tummy Co.

Jamil also launched an Instagram in March called @i_weigh after she saw an image on social media of all the Kardashian sisters with their weights labelled over each of them.

Jamil decided to launch the account that listed the qualities of value outside of a kilogram number.

One thing she can add to what she weighs? The incredible headlines coming out from this story.

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