Taron Egerton Forced To Come Out As Straight After Viral Instagram

After one of his Instagram posts picked up a LOT of attention for the wrong reasons, the 'Kingsman' star was forced to clarify his sexuality.

The post from October featured a friend of Egerton's with the caption, "Cutie. My boy ❤".

Several media outlets began picking up on the post and ran headlines like, "Did this action movie star just come out? It sure seems like it" and "Rocketman actor Taron Egerton may have just come out".

There were rumours that this was confirmation the actor was coming out as queer, and other rumours that he was purposefully stoking rumours in the leadup to the release of Rocketman, the Elton John biopic he stars in.

Since the post went viral, Egerton was forced to come out... as straight.

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Telling Radio Times, "One of the lads was at my London flat and I Instagrammed a picture of him and said ‘Look at this cutie’, and a million outlets reported I was coming out as gay."

"I'm not gay," the actor continued, "but two of my mates came out when I was 15 and it was a joy to support them because, as a group, we are all secure in who we are."

The whole experience didn't really shake the 29-year-old, and he has no plans to stop calling his mates 'cuties'.

"I’m certainly not going to stop calling my mates cuties and gorgeous because they are cuties and they are gorgeous."

Egerton also told Metro he had shaved his head in an attempt to "reinvent" himself following his breakup with Emily Thomas.

"It was very cathartic and also, not to put a downer on things," Egerton said, "I split up with my girlfriend not long ago and it weirdly felt a bit like reinvention… to sort of change the way I look."

Rocketman will hit cinemas next year in May, meanwhile, Egerton's latest film Robin Hood opens in cinemas across Australia from November 22.

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