This Photo Of Zac Efron On A Horse Is Making People Lose Their Minds

If we were to try and tell you that Zac Efron got hotter you'd probably laugh in our faces, telling us that was impossible.

Can a work of art become more beautiful over time? Or is it our appreciation for it that matures? Or is Efron, much like a fine wine, cheese or whisky, an object that simply gets better as it ages?

Obviously the 31-year-old isn't an object, but you get what we mean. He was always a heartthrob from his days in High School Musical, and as he grew older he became a handsome star of the silver screen.

He graced us with those puppy-dog eyes in The Greatest Showman and he graced us with what should have been an Oscar-worthy performance when he coached Miles Teller in how to pee with an erection in the terribly titled That Awkward Moment.

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But his finest role -- and we mean finest -- is now Man Casually Posing on Horse. Look:

And before you blow up in the comments: No. We don't consider this "news", that would be categorically insane. Yes. There are more important things happening in the world, but you still clicked! Don't blame us! Look at Zac riding a horse instead!

Zac Efron Riding A Horse Hot Handsome Yes
Image: Twitter @ZacEfron

Like... You know?

Honestly like... right???

Anyway, the casual photo has reignited the crushes of thirsty fans everywhere with Zac's new, rugged look a welcome chapter in the chronicles of his life. And seriously people couldn't stop talking about it.

So there you go, that's why Zac Efron was trending today. Because he was looking handsome on a horse.

Featured image: Instagram @zacefron.