Michael B Jordan Says Sliding Into The DMs Actually Works

This is honestly the best news of the day. Maybe the year???

We've all done it -- and if you haven't, don't look down on us!! -- the dreaded DM slide. Perhaps you've had a few wines and you're scrolling through someone's Instagram story and you decide to shoot your shot.

The amount of times we've woken up and looked at the sent items in our DMs and it's just a bunch of love heart emojis to a ton of randoms is truly harrowing, and it almost always ends in an awkward encounter OR the mortifying "seen" notification.

But now, we are filled with renewed hope after Michael B Jordan -- possibly the most attractive man to ever exist -- appeared on Ellen.

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Let's start from the top, Ellen asked the Creed star how it's possible for him to be single considering he's literally the most handsome human being.

Alongside her celebrity co-host Chrissy Teigen, Ellen grilled Michael on his singledom.

His big excuse? He's too busy for relationships.

"I've been working crazy so I've not really had the time," the Black Panther star told the co-hosts.

"We don't buy it," Ellen told him, "we all work hard but we have relationships!"

So it was up to Chrissy to ask the big question, "Have you ever hooked up via direct messages?"

TO WHICH HE RESPONDED: "Yes, I have. I have... I'm human. Not often, but I have."

Obviously, the news triggered a tsunami of fans attempting to get into those direct messages, and how could they NOT?

This also isn't the first time Ellen has blown up Michael's inbox. Back in September, she had tennis champ Naomi Osaka on who revealed she was a BIG fan of the Marvel star.

So the lesson of the day is that the celebrity DM slide isn't always an epic fail?

Cut to us having a Sailor Moon-like transformation -- but instead of a tiara we just magically manifest a glass of wine, fire our Instagram up and start shooting off a "haha handsome :)" to any ex-Bachelorette contestant with an open inbox.

sliding into those DMs

Go out there, DM proud and DM often.

Featured image: NBC / Our DMs.