Hailey Baldwin Changed Her Name, Became Ultimate Belieber

Hailey Baldwin just made her marriage to Justin Bieber Instagram official -- and it's kind of a big deal.

The model has whipped fans into a frenzy after changing her social media handle from Hailey Baldwin to ... Hailey Bieber.

It was reported way back in September that Hailey and Justin got hitched -- but Baldwin's official name change to Mrs Bieber is a much more significant milestone.

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Hailey has been a dedicated Justin Bieber stan for close to a decade -- even lining up to meet Biebs when she was just a 'tween.

Plus she used to ship Justin and Selena Gomez's long-time relationship and tweeted about Bieber themed wrapping paper -- you get the idea, she's a proper Belieber.

Hailey changing her name is being seen as ultimate fan goals -- with Twitter users congratulating the model on reaching the top tier of the Bieber fanbase.

It's reminiscent of Tom Cruise marrying longtime fan Katie Holmes -- who literally had posters of the Top Gun star in her bedroom as a teen.

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Of course, not all Beliebers are thrilled that Hailey is now proudly writing Mrs Bieber on all her correspondence.

Justin also gave a nod to his marriage to Hailey on Instagram, writing: "My wife is awesome" under a photo of the pair.

Glad we can finally lift our glasses to the Biebers -- now it's Instagram official.

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