Britney's Impact! 'Toxic' Is Officially The Word Of The Year

Britney Spears may have released "Toxic" as a single back in 2004, but her fans are more than happy to give her the credit for making the word Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year this year.

Now, if you're somehow unacquainted with the song that is arguably Godney's biggest single, you may have thought "oh, maybe 'toxic' is the word of the year because of toxic masculinity, or toxic workplaces, toxic relationships". Maybe you'd think about the environment, and associate the word with like... toxic waste? Toxic chemicals, substances, gas, perhaps?

All those guesses would be fine -- accurate, even! -- but if you're a Britney fan, you'll know, without hesitation, that this is simply another reminder of Britney's IMPACT.

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Here are the receipts:

What more is there to say? Impact!!!

Featured image: Jive Records