Fans Are Scratching Their Heads After Tom Hiddleston Releases Cryptic Video

What the what with the what? Loki???

Some of us are busy, some of us have hobbies and we can't be sitting here scratching our heads wondering what Tom Hiddleston is trying to say but alas, here we are.

Earlier this week ol Hiddles himself Tweeted -- something he rarely does -- and it was a short 60-second video of him walking down a street or an alleyway or tunnel, right?

He stares at the camera pensively, he's acting the HELL out of this walk down a street or an alleyway or a tunnel, and then the word "BETRAYAL" shows up on screen.

Powerful stuff!!! You'd probably say if you were in your year 10 drama class.

But like, what? does it mean?

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Obviously, Hiddleston's most notable role of late is Loki, the troublesome anti-hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many people's minds went straight to this being some kind of a tease of Loki's return.

His weird cryptic tweet was also released just days after Disney announced a Loki series would launch on Disney's streaming service, Disney+.

But lo, it turns out the truth is as far away from the Marvel universe as you can get... He's starring in a play!

Yep, the Jamie Lloyd Company also posted on Twitter that Hiddleston would be starring in a 12-week run of Harold Pinter's BetrayalSo THAt explains the literal theatrics.

There you go, you're all caught up on what Tom Hiddleston is up to.

Featured image: Twitter @twhiddleston.