Andy Lee Got A Surprise Hug And Shout-Out From Hugh Jackman On The Late Show

"This moment, right now, is huge in Australia."

Yep, Andy Lee got an interactive experience when he was in the audience for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The Aussie radio giant might not have name recognition in the States, but he made a few new fans when he was in the front row for Colbert's show to see his mate Hugh Jackman.

Doing NOTHING for the jokes that all Aussies know each other, as Jackman walked out on stage he bypassed Colbert's couch and went over to Lee and his girlfriend Rebecca Harding giving them both a big hug before running back on the stage.

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Colbert, not wanting to miss out, also ran over to give them both a bit of a welcome hug.

"Your producer said 'Do you know Andy Lee?' who's over there," Jackman explained to the late-night host.

"So Andy in Australia is almost as famous as famous as you are," Jackman said adding, "No seriously -- he and Hamish -- we got some Aussies here..."

Lee shared a clip of himself re-watching the show from bed saying he and Harding didn't even know who the guests on the show were when they went to watch.

"I’m not too cool to say that’s cool," Lee said from the comfort of his bed.

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Featured image: CBS.