Sophie Monk Shocks Fans With Hospital Video

Posting on Monday night from hospital, Sophie Monk revealed her diagnosis via Instagram Story.

Laying in a hospital bed, wearing an oxygen mask and being attended to by a doctor -- the Love Island host posted two videos, the first revealing her diagnosis.

"So many women live not knowing they have endometriosis," the caption on her story read. "If you have annoying cycles. You should ask your dr."

Sophie Monk Posts Instagrams from Hospital Bed
The first of two short videos Monk posted from Monash IVF. Image: Instagram @sophiemonk.

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Praising the team at Monash IVF, Monk also posted a second video where she was under anesthetic. 

Sophie Monk Posts Instagrams from Hospital Bed
Posting under anesthetic, Monk joked it was the 'Best sleep' she had in years. Image: Instagram @sophiemonk.

Joking that she had "asked" to be filmed while under, the 38-year-old joked it was the "best sleep" she had in years while again praising the staff at the Sydney clinic.

In September figures from the Department of Health reported more than 700,000 Australian women, or one in 10, are affected by endometriosis, a condition that causes the tissue that normally lines the uterus can be found growing outside the uterus in the body.

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While the cause of the condition is unknown, it can cause intense pain as well as infertility in some women.

Other celebrities like Lena Dunham, Mel Greig and Emma Watkins -- the Yellow Wiggle -- have come forward, shedding light on their own experiences and raising awareness for the condition.

Featured image: Instagram @sophiemonk / Getty Images.