Kylie Minogue Once Signed Up For The Dole

Kylie Minogue has been Australia's beloved pop princess for three decades, and has fans all over the world -- including Her Majesty The Queen herself -- but Kylie hasn't always been so sure of her career.

In 1988 -- two years after she won the heart of Australia as Charlene Robinson on Neighbours -- Kylie released her first hit, "The Locomotion", and she's been killing the charts ever since.

In a sit-down interview with Lisa Wilkinson that will air tonight on The Sunday Project, though, the pop star revealed that she was once so unsure of her future in showbiz that she signed up for the dole.

"When you released ["The Locomotion"], how long did you think this career in show business would last?" Lisa asked.

Kylie responded that she was "just happy to have a job in Neighbours" at the time.

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"I’d finished school, I was acting throughout high school, and I signed up for the dole. Got a job…" she explained, shocking Lisa in the process.

"You what?! Why did you sign up for the dole?" asked Lisa.

Kylie replied:

"I signed up for the dole. I thought if you’re going to be an actor, you’re probably going to be an out of work actor, or mostly be out of work, so that’s just what you did."

"I can’t remember where I went to do it, but I got a job before the first cheque I would’ve received."

Lisa asked: "So you never took a dole cheque?"

"So I never got a cheque," Kylie confirmed, laughing.

Catch Lisa Wilkinson's full interview with Kylie Minogue on The Sunday Project at 6.30pm Sunday, where they'll discuss The Queen, Kylie Jenner, her health, relationship and what's next for the princess of pop.