Ice-T Reckons He's Never Eaten A Bagel

Fans of Ice-T are in shock after the rapper confessed that he's never eaten a bagel before.

The Law And Order actor made the announcement after he was asked by a fan on Twitter to name his favourite kind of bagel.

"Lol. I've never eaten a Bagel [sic] in my life," he wrote, seemingly unaware of the frenzied bagel backlash he was about to receive.

After receiving hundreds of messages from fans reprimanding him -- or offering their suggestions for the best bagel combo -- Ice pleaded with fans to calm down.

But people certainly *did* continue to lose their minds -- perplexed that someone who has spent so much time in New York couldn't have tried a delicious bagel with cream cheese before.

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What happened next was eerily similar to the time Kylie Jenner claimed she had never poured milk on her cereal -- fans began posting proof that Ice-T *has* actually eaten a bagel before.

But Ice-T shot down the cinnamon bagel conspiracies -- pointing out it was merely a TV prop and not proof that he's a secret bagel fanatic.

And it's clear that Ice has no problem spending the rest of his day fighting about this on Twitter -- after lobbing another wild claim into the mix.

But while he's seemingly not eating a lox bagel or sipping on coffee -- at least Ice cleared up what his favourite snack is.

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