Jack Black Performs 'The Government Totally Sucks' Outside White House

Warning -- there's a lot of swearing in this video. And it f**kin' rocks.

While reporting outside the White House after the U.S. midterm elections, 10 News First's Hugh Riminton was visited by a few special musical guests.

Decked out in truly understated USA stars and stripes hoodies and top hats, Tenacious D, aka Jack Black and Kyle Gass, stopped by for a quick musical cameo.

The pair first announced their plans to run for the Presidency in 2020, then kicked off their hit "The Government Totally Sucks".

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"Hey Sydney," Black said, "Tenacious D in 2020, don't forget to vote," before reminding himself that... well... Aussies aren't really going to be very influential in the next US election.

"You can't vote, why we tellin' you?" The School of Rock star added before they launched into their tune.

It's a song they've been singing since their 2006 musical comedy feature Tenacious D in the The Pick of Destiny, and they played at a 2017 anti-Trump show with the Prophets of Rage.

Introducing the tune in January last year Black said: "We've got this song, we haven't played it for years, because it just never felt appropriate. But now we're happy to unleash the beast: 'The Government Totally Sucks'."

Check out the full (uncensored!) vid above and enjoy some truly patriotic magic.

Featured image: Network 10.