The Spice Girls (Minus Posh) Give First Reunited Interviews

Just days after announcing their reunion tour, the awesome foursome hit the airwaves to promote their upcoming tour.

Chatting on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Emma "Baby" Bunton, Geri "Ginger" Halliwell, Melanie "Sporty" Chisholm and Melanie "Scary" Brown gave their first interviews as a reunited band.

Obviously missing was Victoria Beckham who has famously decided not to partake in the reunion -- apparently singing the "friendship never ends" line in "Wannabe" didn't stick in her memory.

Chatting to Evans the reformed group discussed their secret Whatsapp group (which Geri apparently calls a "whatsup" group) where they share all their plans for world domination.

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"We've even got into GIFs and everything," Emma said, "we send pictures and GIFs, we're like quite up-to-date with the social media stuff".

The Spice Girls weren't the only reunion happening on the broadcast either, it was a reunion for Geri and BBC's Chris Evans also. The pair had dated back in 1999, which was a source of jokes throughout the interview.

After asking who'd be driving the tour bus Emma responded with a resounding, "Not Geri! She's not a good driver Chris," the Radio 2 host responded, "I know she's not a good driver, that was one of our issues... I'm not joking."

Soon after their BBC spot, Geri and the Mels trecked over to Heart FM where Emma works for another interview.

Speaking about the elephant in the room, the girls were asked about Victoria's absence. "I think it is tough, obviously she's a huge part of the band," Mel C said as the others added that she still is part of the band.

"We really support each other and the decisions that we make and we really support her and she's really supporting us," Mel C continued, admitting that it's strange to perform as a foursome.

"None of us can watch the Spice Girls on stage... but she will be able to," she said.

Tickets go on sale this weekend, with the girls powering through the UK from June 1 to June 15 performing six shows culminating in a massive finale at Wembley Stadium.

Featured image: Heart Radio via Twitter.