Sinéad O'Connor Claims She Never Wants To 'Spend Time With White People Again'

The recording artist formerly known as Sinéad O’Connor has posted a series of tweets calling white people "disgusting".

Shuhada Davitt recently converted to Islam, and has now claimed that since converting she has been overwhelmed with the feeling that she never wants to "spend time with white people again," adding a parenthetical disclaimer "(if that's what non-muslims are called)."

"I'm terribly sorry. What I'm about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it," Davitt wrote in the same tweet.

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Earlier in October, Davitt announced her conversion via Twitter calling it a "natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian's journey."

After the Tweet, Davitt also asked if Twitter would ban her from the platform tweeting, "Interesting to see if Twitter bans this when it allows people like Trump and Milbank [to] spew the satanic filth upon even my country".

She also tweeted that Trump's presidency was a result of Americans' complacency.

A little over a year ago Davitt, then still going by the name O'Connor, released a concerning cry for help on her Facebook. In the 12-minute video, she wept from a Travelodge hotel, discussing her ongoing struggles with mental illness.

"I walked this Earth alone for two years now, as punishment for being mentally f**king ill and being angry that nobody would f**king take care of me, specifically for being suicidal," she said through tears as she called herself "one of millions".

"That should be our f**king catchphrase: one of millions, one of f**king millions. Why are we alone? What the f**k did we do?" she said. "The people who suffer from mental illness are the most vulnerable people on Earth, we can't take care of our f**king selves, you idiots."

In posting her video, the recording artist had hoped to inspire others to be open about their own struggles with mental illness, urging them to use the hashtag #OneOfMillions.

The 51-year-old since traded her #OneOfMillions hashtags for others including #ReignOfWhiteMANover".

She finished her tweet storm by saying "If its 'Crazy' to care. Then by all means, spank my ass and call me Fruity loops".

This is just the most recent chapter in Davitt's very public relationship with religion. In 1992 she famously appeared on Saturday Night Live and tore up a photo of Pope John Paul II to protest child abuse in the Catholic Church.

Several years later she was ordained as a priest by a Latin Tridentine church unaffiliated with the Catholic Church. In an interview in 2014, she called being a priest "just civil disobedience".

"Although I deserve to be a priest, frankly, better than any of them," she said, "that doesn't mean I'm a good person, I'm not. But you really don't have to be a good person, in fact you can be a complete f**king c**t -- it's about the level of your faith and whether you actually respect the presence of that holy spirit."

In August this year, Davitt wrote an open letter to Pope Francis asking to be excommunicated, saying it would help her reputation in the music industry and even inspire artists like Kanye West to work with her.

Featured image: Twitter @MagdaDavitt77.