Ariana Grande Just Dragged Pete Davidson All The Way Down To Hell

Look, we'll keep this short, because chances are if you're here, you're keeping up with this never-ending saga.

Also, because when I flagged this breaking news to one of the other entertainment writers, he gave me a dead-eyed stare, told me he didn't care, sighed withe exasperation of a world-weary street cat on its eight life, and replied "how many more times will we have to talk about these two?"

It was a real mood, tbh, but you clicked, so here we are!

Anyway, according to Ari, this chapter is coming to a close because she sounds as fed up with these shenanigans as my dear friend and colleague is.

After Pete made reference to their break up on Saturday Night Live once again, Ari was done with a capital D.

Big Done Energy is the new Big Dick Energy, apparently.

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When a fan responded, tweeting "tag yourself I'm Maggie" Ari retweeted it, and then doubled down with a few cute subtweets, which she later deleted. Lucky for y'all, I was not about to be played like that, and got some receipts while I could.

Okie dokie, that's all for today. See you tomorrow for the next 'Ariana got another Pete Davidson tattoo covered up' story!

Feature image: Getty Images