Our Fave Stars Audition For The CBS Show They Want To Cameo On

The answers we got were bold, beautiful and surprisingly corpse-y.

During the Upfronts (which you can read all about here), our fave stars of the Network walked the red carpet. What better opportunity to have The Loop's own Scott Tweedie ask some hard-hitting questions for us?!

Between getting a sneaky pash from Grant Denyer (seriously... it happened), Tweedie asked the celebs if they could cameo -- or star -- in a CBS series which would it be, and who would they play?

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Without even hesitating, our own Bachelorette Ali Oetjen jumped at the chance to play a "psychotic murderer" who'd stab people to death with her deadly rose thorn.

Ali was joined by The Project's Peter Helliar who wanted to be ~that guy that slowly takes off his glasses and thinks about murder~. We know that's not a real character description, but you still know exactly the kind of character we're talking about, right?

There was also Hughsey, who wanted to play a corpse, and Joel Creasey, who wanted to star as a chalk outline of a dead body ("Just the trace in NCIS... so just the outline white trace of me".)

Still, there was quite a handful of folks who wanted to move away from the crime and toward the drama.

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George Calombaris, Grant Denyer, Mark Humphries and the stars of Playing for Keeps all wanted to join the gang on the iconic Bold & The Beautiful.

"Maybe I could go on as like... a chef," George said adding, "because that's what I am."

While a lot of the stars gave us their best auditions, Bachie legend Osher Gunsberg also offered up some truly incredible trivia about Star Trek.

"The thing with Star Trek that a lot of people don't tell you -- it's very difficult as an actor on Star Trek -- you don't have pockets," Osh told Tweedie.

"You don't have pockets! So you gotta figure out what to do with your hands!"

Check out all the other amazing answers in the video above.

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