The Mystery Of Ariana Grande's Hand Injury Has Been Solved

While promoting her appearance on James Corden's 'Carpool Karaoke' back in August, Ariana Grande posted a photo of her hand bandaged up.

It was a mystery that sent her fans into a real tizzy! Was she okay? What happened?! The stans were on the case, but nobody could figure it out!!! A truly stressful time.

People thought that when the episode of Carpool Karaoke aired, we'd finally get the closure we needed to move on with our lives, but ALAS! They just sang some songs, and the hand injury remained a mystery.

Until now, that is!

Turns out, while Ari was filming Carpool Karaoke, they stopped by a Haunted Escape Room, which combines the puzzle-solving of a regular escape room with the scares of being in the dark, getting attacked by demons. Fun!

James and Ari -- an avid lover of all things spooky -- were working their way through the escape room, which she referred to as "one of the seven circles of hell", screaming and jumping for their lives.

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Here's a gif of them freaking out at a Samara-lookin' ghost, who prompted Ari to scream "you're a bitch!" at, as she ran down the hallway.

As they worked their way into a principal's office, a demon crawled out of one of the walls, and as Ari was trying to escape through the same tunnel he came out of, she tripped on his demonic foot, faceplanting right on the floor.

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Back in the relative safety of the car -- where the only scary thing is James Corden's belief that he has a comparable range to his famous guests -- they discussed her hand injury.

"Don't I look kinda hard?" Ari said, proud of her spooky war wound.

And that's that! Another case closed.

Featured image: Getty Images