That Photo Of Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Wrong Was A Hoax

It was the photo that shocked the world, Justin Bieber tucking into a burrito from the middle like a monster, but all is not what it seemed.

While the internet tore itself apart trying to decide if someone SHOULD eat a  burrito from the middle (you shouldn't), there was a quieter contingent of people arguing if the man in question was actually Bieber or if he was just another filthy looking caucasian man.

BuzzFeed actually did an incredible forensic investigation that compared the man pictured in the burrito-mangling pic and Bieber, right down to the fingernails.

And as it turns out... Justin Bieber MAY know how burritos work after all.

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YouTuber channel Yes Theory has now come out to reveal that they were the ones behind the pic.

They tracked down Brad Soussa, a Canadian man who looks eerily like the "What Do U Mean" singer, and got him to help out in faking the pic.

Initially, the gang attempted to stage a video where Fake Biebs would help an elderly woman crossing the street. As if almost by fate -- while shooting that video a celebrity sighting bus pulled up and gave tons of credibility to the stunt, but their second attempt at breaking the internet, and the brains of countless people, went even better.

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Deciding to pick something so aggravatingly inoffensive, eating a burrito from the middle, they staged a photoshoot where Brad would smash the meal from the middle.

Posting it to Reddit's r/MildlyInfuriating, the pic started to gain traction before it went viral across Twitter, Facebook and then hit the actual news.

That Photo Of Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Wrong Was A Hoax
The photo gained traction after it was posted to Reddit. Image: Reddit.

The pic even got people like Chrissy Teigen to weigh in, with people honestly debating if you can eat a burrito from the middle.

With each tweet and retweet, the pic continued to dominate the news -- with everyone honestly believing that Justin Bieber would absolutely deny the laws of nature and eat a burrito from the middle.

As the pic spread, the folks at Yes Theory were interviewed by the news, created an elaborate backstory and celebrated their viral fame.

While the stunt is truly impressive, we can all agree... it's still a really dumb way to eat a burrito.

Check out how exactly the elaborate stunt in the vid below.

Featured image: Reddit.