Justin Bieber Doesn't Know How Burritos Work And The Internet Can't Deal

After a pic of Justin Bieber eating a burrito on a park bench started doing the rounds on Twitter, everyone had feelings on his unorthodox method of consuming it -- including Chrissy Teigen.

Look, we get that celebrities live in somewhat of a bubble where things like travelling economy, doing your own grocery shopping and having just one closet are a completely foreign concept.

And we're willing to let a few things slide, but there honestly is NO excuse for the way Justin Bieber apparently eats a burrito. None. Nada. 

After Ryan Bassil -- the UK editor of Noisey -- pointed out the singer's baffling method of burrito consumption, Twitter immediately went into meltdown with users fiercely debating whether or not JB was in the right to eat his meal in a way that's not unlike a sloppy toddler.

This is not ok.

Some, much like us, were traumatised over the peculiar technique, with many feeling that there's a strict etiquette when it comes to devouring a burrito.

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Meanwhile, others -- including the always hilarious Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen -- defended Biebs and his barbaric way of eating, with Teigen declaring that the ends are simply "carb factories".

Meanwhile, others have trashed the whole photo entirely, believing the subject in the photograph isn't even Justin Bieber after all.

Whether it is Justin or simply just some stranger who was trying to eat a meal in peace, unaware of the viral sensation he's now become, one thing's for certain -- people on the internet have really strong feelings over their preferred methods of eating and it's weird.

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