Drake's 2000s-Themed 32nd Birthday Party Was The Perfect Throwback

It was a sea of Von Dutch hats and chunky highlight extensions as Drake took us back to the year 2000 to celebrate his birthday.

Turning 32 this week, Drizzy's Hollywood birthday bash was the perfect throwback to simpler times.

Drake was decked out in the perfect homage to Fabolous' "Trade It All Part 2" video from 2002.

Later in the night he switched it up -- because we love a costume change -- and rocked a velour pantsuit.

The party featured all the staples of an iconic flashback party including a Blockbuster video wall (remember those?!), a mini 7-Eleven with working Slurpee machines and airbrushed t-shirts featuring a teenaged Aubrey aka The Boy.

The party also reportedly featured actual cars from the iconic TV show Pimp My Ride (you know, where they'd attempt to affix a Plasma TV to every surface of a broken down car?) and a room dedicated to his mum Sandi Graham full of roses and photos of the two of them.

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It also looked like he was selling merch... at his own birthday, but TBH if I could trick my friends into buying merch at my own party, I would absolutely go for it.

There are conflicting reports that Drake was either giving away $5,000 Chanel bags or that he was raffling them off, but either way... it sure beats the party bags we'd give out at the end of our parties in 2000, which were basically just the worst parts of an Allen's Party Mix and four bits of Hubba Bubba.

Also, his cake was apparently an ode to the Motorola Timeport pager, something that even my ancient ass has no recollection of. Remember pagers?! Honestly, what were they even FOR.

Featured image: Instagram.