Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Won't Be Defined By Her Boyfriend

The star of the CW's smash series isn't here for descriptors that minimise her.

While talking to Vogue recently, Lili Reinhart spoke about dealing with negativity, living her life online and being her own person.

"If you hate me so much don't f**king talk about me," Reinhart said when asked about negative comments and trolling she receives on social media.

"I don't have any sympahy for people who go online and attack people for no other reason than to get attention, or to start an army of hate against a celebrity," she said adding, "You need to find something better to do with your time."

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Speaking of celebrity, Reinhart has been in a very public relationship with her co-star, Cole Sprouse. The pair's on-screen chemistry as Betty and Jughead led to a real relationship off-screen.

Things kicked off around March last year when Sprouse -- who loves a bit of photography -- began sharing pics to his Instagram of his muse.

Remembering a headline where Reinhart was referred to as "Cole Sprouse's girlfriend", the actor hit back telling Vogue, "There is still a problem here if you feel the need to say a man's name, or someone who is more famous that is connected to me, in order to get someone to read an article about me."

"I'm not a boring person," Reinhart said. "I don't need someone else's name on a headline to make me sound more interesting."

This isn't the first time the Riverdale star has hit back at the internet's proclivity for tearing celebs down. Back in July, Reinhart spoke to Harpers Bazaar about her relationship saying she "wasn't okay" discussing it in the press.

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"I'm not going to tell you my love story," she said, "That's just not appropriate right now."

Following the interview, she was criticised for opening up about her experiences with body dysmorphia, and across several days she spoke about how the response had affected her.

The pair began to step out in public together, seeming to confirm their relationship, in May when they arrived at the 2018 Met Gala together and have since been more open about being together, but Reinhart has still spoken about keeping things private.

In a chat with Who What Wear the actor said, "what does happen in my relationship is so private, and I cherish it a lot. He does as well."

"A relationship is a very intimate thing, and I want it to be between me and him, not me, him, and the world."

Featured image: Getty Images.