Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis Kicked Out Of Basketball Game After Brawl

Anthony Kiedis got into a red-hot brawl during a Lakers game over the weekend which saw him briefly removed from his seat at the game.

After an absolutely wild basketball game saw an all-in brawl erupt between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers,  three players including Houston Rockets’ point guard Chris Paul were ejected from the venue.

But it wasn't just the players who were chastised for their bad behaviour.

Apparently, as Paul was being escorted out of Staples arena, Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman and Lakers superfan Anthony Kiedis -- who was sitting courtside -- was seen hurling abuse, swearing and flipping off the Rockets player as he left the court.

After a Rockets staff member came over to tell the star to settle down, the singer was reportedly not having a bar of it, gave him the finger, and according to witnesses then shouted, "F**k you."

Kiedis was then immediately escorted out of the game by security, but according to TMZ, later returned to his seat after he'd calmed down.

Anthony Kiedis and band mate Flea at the Lakers game. Image: Getty

The singer's RHCP bandmate, Flea, was also in attendance at the game and was seen calmly sitting in his seat as Kiedis is escorted out. He later posted to his Twitter account referencing the brawl.

Flea also uploaded a snap of himself and his bandmate at the game, captioning the photo:

"At the Lakers game last night with my dear brother," he began, adding, "It Got crazy at the end, but man I get so satisfied, deeply drinking in the depth and beauty of the game. People operating at a high level in so many dimensions. Cerebral, physical, spiritual, emotional, unspoken and telepathic communication.”

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Fans watching the drama unfold quickly took the opportunity to turn the whole hot mess into one big (hilarious) meme, because it's 2018 so of course they did.

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Kiedis is yet to make a comment on the incident.

Image: Getty