Vogue Apologises For Kendall Jenner Pic After Being Accused Of Racism

After posting an image of Kendall Jenner wearing her hair in what appears to be an afro, Vogue released a statement to address some serious backlash.

The image was a promotion of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) / Vogue Fashion Fund, which gives assistance to emerging designers in America, but attention went straight to Jenner's hairstyle.

Posted earlier in the week, the image began a lengthy discussion in the comments about the appropriation of Jenner's hairstyle.

"Weird that you couldn’t find someone with a real Afro," one commenter wrote adding, "This is pathetic".

Another asked, "Does her hair really look like that on a daily basis? Is she African American? Why couldn't y'all get a girl with a real fro on the cover if y'all wanted a fro so bad! This is not cool at all! It has to stop!"

As more commenters weighed in on Jenner's look some came to her and Vogue's defence saying the hairstyle "wasn't even an afro", and asked how a hairstyle could be cultural appropriation.

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"Why can't we all just wear our hair the way we want?" One commenter asked adding, "This is a fashion piece. To me, if you wear your hair like someone else does that would or should be a complement to the person you got your inspiration from."

This isn't the first time Jenner has faced criticism of appropriation either. Hell, at one point the model was called-out for "appropriating ballet culture", but there has been an ongoing issue with the Kardashian-Jenner clan ignoring critiques of appropriating hairstyles from the black community.

Kim Kardashian has come up against this criticism time and time again, most recently wearing her hair in cornrows which she called "Bo Derek braids".

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To boil down a complex issue to its simplest form, the appropriation of black hairstyles lifts elements of black culture -- tied to the identity and experiences of the black community -- without credit, ignoring the discrimination black women have faced for those exact hairstyles. Put in the hands of non-black women, these same hairstyles are now deemed "fashionable" or "trendy".

The Hate U Give star Amandla Stenberg released a brilliant, comprehensive rundown on the issue back in 2015.

"Popstars and icons adopted black culture as a way of being edgy and getting attention," Stenberg says in the video above.

Because of the backlash, Vogue was forced to release a statement to Page Six which reads, "The image is meant to be an update of the romantic Edwardian/Gibson Girl hair which suits the period feel of the Brock Collection, and also the big hair of the ’60s and the early ’70s, that puffed-out, teased-out look of those eras."

Vogue added, "We apologize if it came across differently than intended, and we certainly did not mean to offend anyone by it."

Jenner has yet to respond to the criticism.

Featured image: Instagram @Voguemagazine.