Tara Reid Mourns Loss Of Her Mother Just Two Years After Father's Death

Just two years after losing her father, Tom, Tara Reid has revealed that her mother, Donna, has also passed away.

Posting a heartbreaking message to her Instagram, the Sharknado actress has spoken out on the pain of losing her mother just shortly after her father passed away.

"Today has been one of the most heartbreaking days of my life," she captioned an image of her parents at their wedding.

"My mother Donna Reid just passed away. My heart breaks -- who am I gonna call every day, what do I do?" the 42-year-old continued. "2 yrs ago I lost my father and I never felt such a pain. Now I just lost my mom. But the one thing I know is they are together again. Mom & Dad, I love you! RIP, your baby girl Tara."

Tara was accompanied by her mother to the premiere of the The Last Sharknado, and revealed over social media that she was thankful that Donna could attend as she had been "extremely sick".

"So thankful my mother was able to come down the red carpet with me," the actress wrote on Instagram at the time. "She's been extremely sick, just got out of the ICU [Intensive Care Unit]. It has been a very hard year also with having my father pass away. It truly meant the world to me."

Tara was extremely close to her mother, Donna. Image: Getty

The star’s father passed away in December 2016, at the age of 76.

“He was a man full of life, love, wisdom, and strength,” the actress wrote after his passing. “He was not only fun and in good spirits, but he was also one of the best story tellers I’ve ever heard.”

“My dad was so supportive, kind, strong, and my hero. He was my heart, my soul, and my entire world. I love you and will miss you so much daddy!” she continued.

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It's been a difficult week for the star, who was forced to defend herself after she was removed from a Delta airlines flight “due to a customer disturbance on board”.

Hitting back at the claims made on TMZ, Tara posted a statement on Instagram offering her version of events, alleging the airline staff demanded she place her dog in the overhead locker.

Delta has since denied Tara's account of events, telling TMZ that "Tara was told plainly she could keep her dog in her lap or by her feet". They also reiterated that she was "very unruly and disruptive".

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