Kim Kardashian Says She Was Forced To Give Up Her ‘Independence’ For Kanye West

Kim Kardashian spilled all the tea on her marriage to Kanye West during a recent appearance on 'The Alec Baldwin Show.'

The reality star gave a surprisingly raw interview, in which she revealed that she was forced to give up a lot of herself in order to make her marriage with the rapper work.

“I think being with a man like Kanye, you have to learn how to be a little bit not so independent,” Kim told Alec.

“I’ve always been so independent and working, and [had a] schedule, and when you get married and have a husband with a career and kids, your independence … you have to let it go. I had to learn that being with a man like Kanye.”

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With Yeezy being an outspoken fan of Donald Trump, many have wondered how Kim -- who has publically criticised the controversial president in the past -- feels about her hubby's political proclivities.

"I let him be who he wants to be,” she said. “I let him have his own views and opinions, even if they’re different than mine,” she said, adding that her upbringing has allowed her to be open-minded.

“I grew up in a household where Bruce [Jenner] was my stepdad, who had one political view, and maybe my real father had a different political view or my mom [did], and we would just always talk about it and be very open about it,” she said.

“It’s always okay to have different views. I think it’s just having an open mind and letting my husband be who he is. Definitely have conversations -- if I don’t understand something, in private, we talk about that.”

She also revealed on her appearance that being married to 'Ye, who prefers to lead a private life (despite his regular Twitter outbursts), has changed her outlook on living life in the public eye, something that she says she used to thrive on.

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"We would get our hair and makeup done after we filmed the [Keeping Up With The Kardashians]. Then it was like: 'I was like what is the hottest restaurant in Hollywood? Where can I go? Where can I be seen? Who is there? What are they doing? Who is there?' Everything had to be public for me back then," she revealed.

"Now it's, 'where can I go on vacation where nobody will see us? All I want is privacy. I never thought that I would be at that point," she added.

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