David Beckham On Family Life And His Biggest Fashion Regret

In an Australian exclusive, David Beckham sat down with Lisa Wilkinson on the eve of his first visit to the country in seven years.

Even after two decades in the spotlight, Becks is still amazed by his popularity.

"Me and my friends and family joke about it at times. And I’m still shocked by it to be honest," he told Wilkinson on The Sunday Project.

His kids -- Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 16, Cruz 13 and Harper, seven -- have grown up in the spotlight, and Beckham said they like like the perks of their upbringing.

"They don’t dislike it to be honest. You know, they enjoy it as well. There’s a few benefits," he said.

A devoted father, Beckham admits he is a "softie" -- especially when it comes to his only daughter.

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"I think I’m stricter with the boys, I don’t think, I know I’m stricter with the boys than I am with Harper," he said.

"The boys rib me about it all the time. Victoria ribs me about it all the time."

During his time playing for some of the biggest football clubs in the world, Becks was as known for his fashion off the field as his skills on it.

David Beckham after winnig the UEFA Champions League in 1999. Image: Getty Images

Earlier this year, he was named Ambassadorial President of the British Fashion Council, but that doesn't mean he is immune from the odd fashion faux pas.

He was memorably mocked for his decision to wear a sarong back in 1998, but doesn't regret it.

"The sarong was good at the time. I was in the south of France on holidays. Everyone seemed to enjoy it apart from a few," he said.

The one fashion choice he does regret? Wearing his hair in corn rows when meeting Nelson Mandela in 2003.

“There’s one picture that I have in my house of me and the great Nelson Mandela. And I had corn rows," he said.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela, left, meets with England's socccer captain, David Beckham, right, at a meeting in Johannesburg Wednesday May 21, 2003. Image: AAP

"So I sat there with this amazing, inspiring man, and I sat there with corn rows”.

But fashion will be the last thing on his mind when he and wife Victoria support Prince Harry as an Ambassador for the Invictus Games in Sydney.

David and Victoria Beckham at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Image: AAP

The pair landed in Sydney in the early hours of Sunday morning with son Romeo.

Beckham has spent time in Afghanistan with the armed forces, and praised Prince Harry for the "incredible" idea that can change people's lives.

"I was lucky enough to go over to Afghanistan a few years ago, and I’ve always been a big supporter of the armed forces," he said.

"Sport’s such a powerful tool to give them the opportunity to get over the injuries and the hard times that they’ve been through."

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