Martha Stewart Shut Down A Critic Who Said She Was Too Old To Ride A Bike

Martha Stewart has hit back at an Instagram troll for suggesting she was much too old to be riding a bicycle.

The TV star and entrepreneur posted a photo of herself positively glowing as she took an autumn bike ride in the countryside.

However, the joyous photograph of the 77-year-old attracted plenty of critics who offered up their own *expert* advice about elderly bike safety.

"Sorry but you are too old to bike safely," wrote user @seafoodopedia.

Martha hit back at the commenter -- and anyone else who might have thought she had endangered anyone over the age of 50 for her reckless post.

"I feel sorry for you if you think I am too old to bicycle," wrote Stewart. "I keep in excellent shape by doing many outdoor and indoor exercises and activities."

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Fans of Stewart have praised her for cycling and dismissed the idea that anyone should stop going for a pedal when they hit a certain age.

"You look fabulous, Martha! Bike ? on and leave the haters in your dust," wrote one Instagram user.

"Martha, I’m close to your age and I love biking! Never too old!" wrote another.

Main Image: Getty Images